Coming soon: Bill Gates-Funded Birth Control Microchip

from Here’s one more for the coming “Internet of Things” — an implantable birth control microchip could hit the U.S. market by 2018 thanks to funding by globalist billionaire and population control enthusiast Bill Gates.

The new microchip implant reportedly lasts up to 16 years and can be
controlled via wireless remote device
, but don’t worry; researchers are
quick to reassure that each microchip comes with “secure encryption”
(you know, the kind that’s even being hacked and exploited in the new smart light bulbs).

Considering this is the same guy who has also funded an oral bait vaccine that sterilizes rats (see: “Rodent Biocontrol and Crop Protection” here)
and genetically engineered vaccinating mosquitoes, a treatment that by
its very nature couldn’t possibly generate the consent of all patients
involved, the profound implications of Gates’ new birth control
microchip on human reproduction are astounding.

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