Computer Code in Films: Hidden Meanings or Irrelevant Nonsense?

Computer Code in Films: Hidden Meanings or Irrelevant Nonsense?from Ever wondered what those Matrix-style green holographic codes that flicker across computer screen in films actually mean? You know, those seemingly complex algorithms in The Fifth Estate and unbreakable cryptograms in Doctor Who? Well, programmer John Graham-Cumming has the answer. “I was watching the film Elysium and some coding came up as the space station is rebooted, and I thought: ‘This is really familiar’, so I tracked it down,” explains Graham-Cumming, who started coding at the age of 13 on his BBC Microcomputer and is now a well-known blogger and programmer. “It turns out that the code is actually taken directly from the Intel software developer’s manual, which I found amusing. So I tweeted that and got hundreds of responses.” Last Friday, he launched a Tumblr to compile more examples; by Monday morning it already had 11,000 followers and Graham-Cumming was inundated with suggestions for movie codes to crack.

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