corbett report: episode165/166 – how to talk to others/human resources

corbett report: episode165 – how to talk to others
corbett report: episode165 - how to talk to othersfrom corbett report: From 9/11 truth to the banking hoax, from murder and cover-up to the eugenicists best laid plans, The Corbett Report has covered some incredible information over the years… but how to pass this information on to friends, family and strangers? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we attempt to overcome the failure to communicate by examining some examples of effective communication.

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corbett report: episode166 – human resources
corbett report: episode166 - human resourcesfrom corbett report: This week on Documentaries That Matter we take a listen to Scott Noble’s new film (and the follow-up to his excellent Psywar, which was previously featured on this podcast), Human Resources: Social engineering in the 20th century. This disturbing overview of the science of behaviorism and its implications for our future will leave you riveted.

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