corbett report: episode171/172 – fluoridation/meet rahm emanuel

corbett report: episode171 –
professional perspectives on water fluoridation

corbett report: episode171 - professional perspectives on water fluoridationfrom corbett report: This week on Documentaries That Matter, The Corbett Report presents the audio of the informative documentary, Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation. This documentary (from the Fluoride Action Network at provides concise, factual information on water fluoridation from doctors, dentists and a Nobel Laureate. Please spread this to others who may not know the dangers of fluoride in the water.
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corbett report: episode172 – meet rahm emanuel
corbett report: episode172 - meet rahm emanuelfrom corbett report: The son of a terrorist. The brother of a eugenicist and a megalomaniac. An ex-member of the Israel Defense Force. A gun grabber. A “pick-up” basketball player. A White House veteran… And the next mayor of Chicago? Meet Rahm Emanuel.
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