corbett report: episode173/174 – inside rand/patriot mythology

corbett report: episode173 – inside the rand corporation
corbett report: episode173 - inside the rand corporationfrom corbett report: This week on Documentaries That Matter, we feature a recent interview with Alex Abella, a Cuban-born journalist and author who was granted access to the archives of the RAND Corporation. The information he uncovered shows how RAND has been manipulating the shadow government for decades and how it has helped shape the New World Order.
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corbett report: episode174 – patriot mythology
corbett report: episode174 - patriot mythologyfrom corbett report: Just because the MSM is wrong doesn’t mean the alternative media is right. From spurious quotations to the JFK myth to the “fat Bin Laden” video, join us this week on The Corbett Report as we do a fact check on common misconceptions in the alternative media.
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