Cosmos Launched New Crusade for Science?

Cosmos Launched New Crusade for Science?from On Sunday night, viewers saw the first episode of a followup series, Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey, hosted by astrophysicist and science educator Neil deGrasse Tyson. It had been nearly 35 years since Carl Sagan inspired a generation of scientists with 1980′s 13-part series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. Immediately, one thing became clear: This is not your parents’ Cosmos. The ideas and driving principles behind it are the same, but along with its new host, Cosmos has new urgency, and a new edge. Sagan’s Cosmos was awash with dream-like wonder, as personal as its title implied, colored by Sagan’s agnosticism. Tyson’s is different: informed by a generation of additional understanding and discovery — and special effects too, it’s faster, brighter, and more explosive — and more daring in its evangelism for science.

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