cyber/spacewar: antisocial networking & the coming cybercom

denial-of-service attack knocks twitter offline*
denial-of-service attack knocks twitter offlinetwitter crashes: hackers to blame?*
what’s on the pentagon’s mind? facebook*
marines ban twitter, myspace, facebook*
skype could be cut off for good over dispute*
google ceo resigns from apple board*
apple & google: collusion or sleeping with the enemy?*
white house cyber adviser melissa hathaway resigns*
‘cyber czar’ resigns;
let’s not replace her
white house struggles to fill cyber czar post*
observers ponder new cyber adviser*
desperately seeking cyber skills*
cdt wants US govt to detail computer monitoring program*
e-verify could add biometrics*
uk pentagon hacker & 9/11 truther, gary mackinnon,
loses extradition appeals to avoid trial in US
video: buzz aldrin on c-span: monolith orbiting mars*
100s of isp’s refuse to go along with big brother spy system*
flashback: video: lawrence lessig on an i-9/11*

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Check out another video that talks about what they would do if there were such an Internet attack on the United States.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Hi James,

    talking about the *classic* 9/11, check that video from Switzerland by the guys from Schall&Rauch [Sound&Smoke] – Guest: Prof. Niels Harris:

    Especially the 2nd part is very interesting, as it goes deep into the chemistry…

    Cheers your man from Germany

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