‘Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove’

In two hour video, a young Alex Jones crashes  Bohemian Grove to record occult-drenched Cremation of Care ceremony (1:18 mark).  Dark Secrets:  Inside Bohemian Grove,” a 2000 docu- mentary, also serves as period piece, first scenes in an airport prior to Homeland Security and the TSA.  Jones first canvasses local residents about 2700 acre refuge in Northern California, who respond with only limited awareness – a forgettable segment.  Video starts on grounds of the refuge at 50 minute mark, a good place to start watching!  It’s still ground-breaking video to remind viewers of upcoming July summer camp for the elite. Jones suspects there’s more to occult overtones of ritual than just old rich guys winding down beyond camera view.  Last year, Peter Chernoff made statement, he is one of three people to witness child sacrifice at the Bohemian Grove. You can take Alex Jones tour of the Bohemian Grove for free – just drop below the fold!

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