#DataDump: #Discovery, Debacle, #David8 and more

Space Shuttle #Discovery Wows DC in 45min Flyover*

Space Shuttle Discovery Wows DC in 45min Flyover

Video: Space shuttle Discovery arrives in Washington*
Video: Smithsonian Welcomes Discovery to Collection*
Video Playlist: Space Shuttle Discovery*
US military intelligence critic to lead spy agency*
Contradicting Fed. Judge, FCC Clears Google in WiFi Sniffing Debacle*
FCC’s Ruling on Google’s WiFi Snooping Sets Horrible Precedent*
Video: New App Helps St. George Parents Know Student Progress*
CISPA Isn’t ‘Son of SOPA’ (But That’s Not Saying Much)*
Human brain to be built using supercomputer*
#Pistons Giving Season Ticket Holders Jackets With #Microchips*
Video: Creepy, #Verizon-powered, android #David8 introduced in latest #Prometheus viral video*

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