#DataDump: Initial Solar Offering

Solar #Eclipse Blazes #RingOfFire’ This Weekend*
Solar #Eclipse Blazes #RingOfFire' This WeekendSpace weather expert discusses solar flares*
Three-man Soyuz crew departs for space station*
Preparing for World Web War I*
FBI Fears Bitcoin’s Popularity with Criminals*
Should Yahoo fire CEO Scott Thompson?*
US Skype death soldier Bruce Kevin Clark ‘not shot’*
Can Murder Viewed on iPad Video Chat be Introduced as Evidence?*
Kodak confirms it had uranium in lab*
Four treated for chemical exposure at Intel in Hillsboro*
A Guide to Oregon’s Extraterrestrial Past and Present*
Twitter Hits Back at Court, Prosecutors Over ‘Occupy’ Order*
FBI Wants Backdoors in Facebook, Skype and Instant Messaging*
Principal Accused of Spying on Students, Parents with Fake Facebook Account*
Facebook Co-Founder Drops U.S. Citizenship to Avoid Taxes*
Facebook’s $16 billion IPO one of world’s largest*
California, Congress Move to Keep Facebook Passwords Private from Employers*
Search Results Protected by First Amendment, Google-funded Analysis Says*
Seized Hip-Hop Site Lashes Out At Feds, RIAA*
It’s Tinkerers v. Hollywood, As Copyright Office Mulls New Jailbreaking Rules*
Feds Considering Allowing DVD-Encryption Cracking*
FTC Slaps MySpace For Privacy Breaches*
Billion-Dollar City Without Residents to be Built to Test New Technology*
Anti-DotCon: .Secure Proposed as the Internet’s Safe Spot*
Comcast Suspends Data Cap Temporarily, Will Test New Overage Fees*
More Americans Worried about Cybarmegeddon Than Terrorism, Study Finds*
Strapless iPod Nano Watch: Just Implant These Magnets in Your Wrist*
Rebekah Brooks charges take the phone-hacking scandal to a new level*
Court Upholds Google-NSA Relationship Secrecy*
To Warrant or Not To Warrant? ACLU and Police Clash Over Mobile Phone Location Data*
Video: National Security Agency Utah Data Center*
Video: Increased wiretapping under Obama*
Video: FBI wants flat-out totalitarian spying on the internet*

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