defcon 11/19: arms race, web games, cern & biometrics

raytheon to provide cybersecurity across dod networks*
raytheon to provide cybersecurity across dod networksobama said to be close again to naming cybersecurity chief*
place your bets: is cyber czar announcement really near?*
US cyber defenses full of holes*
senate panel: 80% of cyber attacks preventable*
web security company warns of ‘cyber arms race’*

icann attendees: america, surrender the root zone file!*
nasa: the moon is a hydrated mistress*
nasa maps mars with child labor web games*
spy agency changes spark mistrust*
scientists hold their breath as cern prepares to fire up*
dhs to take a closer look at infotech spending*
dhs proposes permanent status for biometrics-based traveler program*

11/20 updates:
broken faa computer causing delays across US*
video: computer ‘glitch’ grounds air traffic*
ebay’s $2b sale of skype complete*
al gore entertains the supercomputer troops in portland, oregon*

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