Defcon 3/18: Cyberpocalypse, Command & Control

US to roll out major broadband policy*
Earth under attack from invisible star?*
Venezuela’s Chavez calls for internet controls*
Google ‘99.9%’ certain to pull China plug*
5 doomsday scenarios for cyberpocalypse*
Paypal says sorry to Cryptome*
Iran arrests 30 accused of US-backed ‘cyberwar’*
Boogeyman bomb‘: What America needs to know about EMP’s*
SEC says hacker manipulated stock prices*
FBI uses phony profiles on social networks to track suspects*
Undercover feds on social networking sites raise questions*
Your new Facebook friend: the IRS*
Revised cybersecurity bill introduced in senate*
1 in 4 uk schoolkids admits hacking*
UK clinic opens for children addicted to video games & internet*
Could terrorists on the net be next dot com bubble?*
US cyber command preparations under way, general says*

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