Defcon 3/4: Cyberwar Hype, Hadron & The Grid

Audio: Solar storms could be earth’s next Katrina*
Solar storms could be earth's next KatrinaOverdue since ’21, next solar storm could disrupt much of world*
Video: Cryptome’s John Young: Net is police state surveillance grid*
Military allows Twitter & social media*
Large hadron collider briefly back on over weekend*
CERN nuclear team restarts large hadron collider*
Cyberwar hype intended to destroy the open internet*
Facial recognition phone app described as ‘stalker’s dream’*
Open wi-fi outlawed by uk ‘digital economy bill’*
UK to kill off internet cafes*
White House declassifies parts of US cybersecurity plan*
US cyber defense strategy details hit the internet*
Obama admin declassifies major cybersecurity plans*
White House declassifies outline of cybersecurity program*
Critics not satisfied with partial revelation of secret cybersecurity plan*
Microsoft exec pitches net usage tax to pay for cybersecurity*
Smart grid: the implementation of technocracy?*
Cyberczar says cyber threat is biggest economic risk* Don’t let White House ignore EMP threat*

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