Defcon 5/13: Web Tax, Hacks & Output Jacks

FCC lets Hollywood turn off your output jacks*
FCC lets Hollywood turn off your output jacksFCC sets plan for limited broadband control*
Big Brother is watching in high definition*
Video: Are spies controlling your PC’s web cam?*
Rogue satellite may impact cable tv in US*
World Health Org moving ahead on billions in internet & other taxes*
Richard Clarke says cyber attack will wreck US in 15min*
Why former anti-terrorism czar believes a cyber attack could bring US collapse*
White house adviser says no evidence of cyber attack in Wall Street plunge*
Pentagon turns to brain implants to repair damaged minds*
Russian generals want their space weapons, too*
The militarization of outer space: the Pentagon ‘space warriors’*
The ever-growing problem of space junk*
Jupiter loses a stripe*
Prosecutors cite confidential informant in iPhone probe*
Nintendo CEO: Apple is the ‘enemy of the future’*

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