Did Gravity Wave Cause 2004 Indonesian Tsunami?

Did Gravity Wave Cause 2004 Indonesian Tsunami?Did Gravity Wave associated with Gamma Ray Burst (GRB) cause 2004 Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami? Dr. Paul LaVoilette asked question in 2005 blog entry whether stellar explosion 26,000 Light Years Away was cause? LaVoilette suspects culprit was SGR 1806-20 (pictured), a neutron star, about 10 degrees above galactic center, noting carefully Indonesian earthquake time as just past midnight Dec. 26, 2004 Universal Time (UT). The GRB arrived just 44.6 hours later. Space.com reported, in article at time, Brightest Galactic Flash Detected Hits Earth.” LaViolette suspects burst is impeded “by dust and cosmic ray particles” encountered  that does not affect gravity wave, so time difference seems plausible to suspect gravity wave as possible cause? “Does it sound crazy?” asks LaViollette. No, it doesn’t and LaViollette remains convinced, “..the next superwave will arrive unexpectedly. It will take us by surprise.” Keep it in mind as we cross the galactic plane?

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