Did Vril Society Depart for Aldebaran In 1945?

Did Vril Society Depart for Aldebaran In 1945?Did Maria Orsic hop in a Vril-7 spacecraft and make the jump in a worm hole to Aldebaran? A March 11, 1945 letter to the Vril Society written by Orsic, ended with niemand bleibt hier (“no one is staying here”). Orsic and the Vril Society vanished off the face of the earth shortly after. What does it imply? Did their fate take them elsewhere? In 1919, Orsic claimed to receive telepathic tranmissions, which originated from Aldebaran in the constellation Taurus. The transmissions resulted in two piles of papers, one in a secret German Templar script and a second unknown language, which turned out to be Sumerian. The papers were detailed plans for a flying machine. By 1922, the flying machine project, funded by the Thule and Vril Societies, began assembling parts manufactured for them by independent industry sources.

By early 1944, Orsic and Sigrun, the Vril mediums received information on inhabitable planets around Aldebaran and discussions ensued about a possible trip. These discussions included the highest levels of the Third Reich. The decision was made for a test flight of a Vril 7 through adimension channel, which rumor has as barely averting disaster. Did Maria Orsic and the Vril Society make it or crash and burn? Is it myth or is there something more? A nice ten minute video primer of the occult background and progression of the Vril flying machine is linked here.

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    This beautiful German Goddess must have departed for Aldebaran in 1945 since the vril virtually disappeared.

  2. kasanda Avatar

    She was Croatian , Vril is Uril or VVluria aka Illyria land of Goddess Mother or Troja. Hitler did his best to dis-Troy the Goddess but he didn't make it. He seeked for the confrontation he cannot win.

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