dirty bomb terror drills in detroit

dirty bomb terror drills in detroitfrom false flag news: The largest terror drill in U.S. history with a “simulated” dirty bomb postulates terrorists coming across the Canadian border. Michigan is at high risk for a false-flag attack, as it was the site of pandemic drills on Aug 4 and another set of flu and terror drills on from the July 17- 28.

The large Muslim population in Michigan would be the perfect scapegoat for a staged terror event, while justifying a REX-84 style concentration camps for Americans and a nuclear invasion of Iran.

from windsor star: Up to 1,000 volunteers will take part next month in the most in-depth disaster simulation ever held in a major American city, U.S. Homeland Security and Detroit officials said…

They will stage a large-scale two-day emergency exercise in southwest Detroit near the Ambassador Bridge Sept 8 and Sept. 9, when up to 1,000 volunteers will play the part of victims of a dirty bomb attack.

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