‘Discover Planet Jupiter’

History channel explores the fifth planet in Discover Planet Jupiter.”  Perhaps, most interesting coverage is impact in July 1994 of Comet Shoemaker-Levy9.  You Tube summary describes, “…journey half a billion miles from the earth’s surface to a mini solar system of over 60 moons rotating around a powerful planet of gas. Its flowing colors and spots hold strange beauty, but contain violent storms and jet streams. Could this big, bright ball of turbulent weather have been the star of Bethlehem? Could one of its moons harbor life beneath its icy crust? Jupiter, the giant planet, is the king of many questions concerning our solar system and could possibly hold the answers.”    Program describes Jupiter’s weather in detail, which is far more complex than Earth weather  You can also find out what it would be like to ride a balloon in Jupiter’s Red Spot!

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