donald duck & the taxes you pay to international banksters

from kurt nimmo: It’s that time again, time to pay the bankers what is owed at gunpoint. Back in the day, when fear of the IRS was not as prevalent as it is today, the government employed Hollywood propaganda to make the plebs feel good about forking over their hard-won earnings. In the cartoon here, produced in 1943 during the Second World War, Donald Duck is pressed into service to make Americans feel good about paying taxes. Donald’s cartoon was rolled out the same year Milton Friedman, a Treasury Department economist at the time, came up with the idea of imposing a withholding tax.

Hollywood no longer needs to make cartoons to convince us paying taxes to international bankers is the “patriotic” thing to do. Millions of people accept this federally enforced fleecing operation with a mixture of resignation and fear. In fact, decades of propaganda have reduced many Americans to the point where they believe forking over a huge share of their earnings is a positive thing. Of course, they have no idea the money is going to the bankers. Just less than half of U.S. residents asked say the amount of federal income taxes they pay is ‘about right,’ a Gallup Poll reported on April 8, according to United Press International. Donald Duck’s services are no longer required.

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