Drone: Episode 1 Of A New Web Series

You may consider deeper issues, whether Dronerepresents desensitization or predictive programming? Present writer will face human issues, but love of good sci-fi comes first. “By the early 21st century, the nature of warfare had changed. Unmanned drones patrolled the skies about the battleground. In the year 2023, humanoid drones were deployed to the front lines — a new breed of solider; stronger and faster than their human counterparts. Autonomous by design, they operate by a code — a code of war,” begins promising new series.  “New episodes of the show are scheduled to be released throughout September on Thursdays at 8 PM EST on the YouTube channel YOMYOMF (named and abbreviated after the popular culture blog You Offend Me, You Offend My Family),” informs article at Singularity Hub, Visions Of The Future: DR0NE, A Webseries About Autonomous Humanoid Soldiers.”

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