eavesdropping on henry the k

eavesdropping on henry the kfrom danger room: A batch of Henry Kissinger’s phone conversations about Chile in 1970 and 1973 has just today been declassified and released. They offer new tantalizing information about one of the Cold War’s most enduring mysteries: How deeply involved were Nixon and Kissinger in the Chilean coup that brought Pinochet to power?

In one phone conversation, in September of 1970, just after the election of the communist Salvador Allende, Kissinger says to CIA director Richard Helms, “We will not let Chile go down the drain.” Helms, responds, “I am with you.” Two days later, in another conversation with Kissinger, Secretary of State William Rogers warned: “after all we have said about elections, if the first time a Communist wins the U.S. tries to prevent the constitutional process from coming into play we will look very bad.”

Three years later came Pinochet’s coup. Soon afterwards, Nixon and Kissinger discussed the help they had given and lamented the criticisms coming from the liberal press. “In the Eisenhower period, we would be heroes,” said Kissinger.

Recently, while researching my book, I interviewed an intelligence official who had met with Pinochet not long after the coup. According to that man’s recollection, Pinochet pulled him aside and asked, “Would you like to see the chair where my predecessor shot himself?” He then took him into a room and said, “Here it is. This is where he shot himself — 31 times.”

globalists kissinger & haass confronted on terror & global depop
from infowars: Members of We Are Change Colorado caught up with globalist kingpin Henry Kissinger and CFR president Richard N. Haass during the RNC proceedings in Minnesota, who were both dismissive towards hard questions about policies related to terrorism and depopulation measures. Dr. Kissinger grinned at mention of the New World Order before dismissing any knowledge of National Security Memo #200, which calls for the use of “food as a weapon” and otherwise advocates depopulation schemes that include extreme measures to be used against the ‘lesser developed countries’ in the third world, whose population growth supposedly threatens the National Security interests of the United States.

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