econocrash: california, classwar & a banking dictatorship

US cities may have to be bulldozed in order to survive*
US cities may have to be bulldozed in order to survivehow long can the dollar last as world’s reserve currency?*
florida mother secretly lives in home for sale*
japan probes report 2 seized with undeclared bonds*
video: judgment day: broke california faces shutdown at schwarzenegger’s hands*
can the US govt afford to let cali fail?*
financial bailout plan keeps zombie banks alive*
russia calls on sco to replace dollar in international trade*
billionaire madoff tied to intelligence agencies*
billionaire allen stanford to appear in federal court*

obama ‘reform’ officially establishes banking dictatorship*
obama regulatory reform plan officially establishes banking dictatorshipfederal reserve to gain power under plan*
fed to be given sweeping new powers*
“this was a failure of the entire system,” obama said;
the solution? make the system bigger
dodd: giving the fed more power like awarding a son a ‘bigger, faster car right after he crashed the family station wagon’*
geithner says fed best positioned for super regulator role*
obama’s ‘financial regulatory reform plan’ is nothing of the sort*

six flags declares bankruptcy*
myspace to lay off 30% of staff*
eddie bauer files for bankruptcy protection*
cash to become extinct as chips take off*
ny home prices forecast to drop 40%*
video: satire about arlington hits close to home*

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