econocrash updates: in dependence & the day after

celebrating independence yet enslaved to debt*
econocrash updates: in dependence & the day afterassessing our independence this july 4th*
a prepper’s view of independence day*
why the first amendment is foremost*
the tenth amendment & states’ rights*
media attacks US on independence day*
elite not even trying to hide how much they hate the constitution*
ben franklin awarded knights of malta grand master with special medal for his role in the revolutionary war*
video: tiny camera strapped to lit firework captures its flight*
where will you go when the sovereign debt volcano blows?*
video: brzezinski again warns middle class unrest to hit US*
obama puts social security, medicare cuts on the table*
mixed reaction in memphis as mexican truckers get ok to operate in US*
taxing the top 25 hedge fund managers like average citizens would cut deficit by $44b*
video: washington mutual shareholders win $208 million*
16 reasons why the US can no longer afford to be the police of the world*
video: ny wedding businesses see boost from same sex marriage*
we’re number one?! 20 not-so-good categories the US leads the world in*
movement to abolish corporate personhood gaining traction*
10 reasons why lindsay lohan is right about the federal reserve & the price of food*
video: ohio teens rob neighborhood kids’ lemonade stand*

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