Even Bigger Brother: Facebook Buys Face.com

Even Bigger Brother: Facebook Buys Face.comCan you imagine a tagged photo (what is tagging?) of yourself spreading to other facebook pages and beyond? It may be harder to keep up with a tagged photo than ever before? It’s probably too late, once, a tagged photo appears on the net, because of web spiders and crawlers equipped with archiving features. How Tagging Works? Madison Ruppert warns recently on Activist Post, “If you continue to use Facebook in a state of ignorant bliss, hopefully this will help you wake up to the reality of what this internet giant is really up to.” Ruppert only implies nefarious intent, when Facebook purchased facial recognition start-up Face.com. The present writer will spell it out. Your tagged photo is digitized, in other words, optimized for cyberspace. Your face could easily find its way into a database, used to identify you at some later date.

How bad could that be? Your picture could be used to target you in a fast-approaching Orwellian world. Debra Donston-Miller shows blatant contempt for the obvious intelligence gathering operation conducted under the guise of social media in her recent article, Facebook Buys Face.com: At What Privacy Cost? It’s no less than supplying your own mug shot without any reason! Think about it!

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