Ex-US general under investigation for leaks

Reports say former second-highest-ranking general at Pentagon is probed for leaks linked to Iran nuclear programme.

from AlJazeera.com: One of the highest ranking military officers in the US is under
investigation for allegedly leaking top secret information about a cyber
attack on Iran’s nuclear programme
, according to reports.

NBC news reported on Thursday that retired General James Cartwright, a former second-highest-ranking officer, is under
investigation for leaking information on a covert computer virus, called

The virus was used in 2010 to temporarily disable 1,000 centrifuges used for enriching uranium by Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Cartright, who was the number two person in the joint chiefs of staff
from 2007 to 2011, was instrumental in the development of Stuxnet, and
his role was publicised in a New York Times article published last year.

The article exposed that the virus was the Obama administration’s key weapon against Iran’s nuclear weapons programme.

President Obama responded to the article sternly: “My attitude has
been zero tolerance for these kinds of leaks. These are criminal acts
when they release information like this.”

Al Jazeera’s Rosiland Jordan, reporting from Washington DC, said that
there was ongoing speculation about Cartwright’s motive behind the

“It’s simply a stunning development when you consider that the Obama administration has always said that ‘people who leak are going to be
prosecuted if we figure out who they are.”

Steve Aftergood, director of of the Federation of American Scientists, told NBC that “there are many reasons why people leak classified information”.

“Sometimes to attack a program, sometimes to defend it, sometimes we don’t ever know,” he said.

According to NBC, Stuxnet is capable of both surveillance and harming computers, and was initally spread using infected removable drives.

Cartwright nor his lawyer responded to requests for comment, reported NBC.

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