FAA Grounds Amazon’s #Drone Delivery Plans…For Now

from arstechnica.com: The Federal Aviation Administration has said that online shopping
powerhouse Amazon may not employ drones to deliver packages, at least
not anytime soon.
The revelation was buried in a FAA document (pdf) unveiled Monday seeking public comment on its policy on drones, or what the agency calls “model aircraft.”

The FAA has maintained since at least 2007 that the commercial
operation of drones is illegal. A federal judge ruled in March, however,
that the FAA enacted the regulations illegally because it did not take
public input before adopting the rules, which is a violation of federal
law. Flight regulators have appealed the decision, maintaining that
commercial applications are still barred. The agency has promised that it would revisit the commercial
application of small drones later this year, with potential new rules in
place perhaps by the end of 2015. But for now, the agency is taking a
hard line against the commercial use of drones, and it’s unclear whether
that policy would change.

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