fema/northcom run ‘vigilant guard’ drills from montana on sep15-18

fema/northcon run 'vigilant guard' drills from montana on sep15-18 from public intelligence: From September 15-18, the Montana National Guard will be performing a joint exercise with FEMA and NORHTCOM to help coordinate emergency response to natural and manmade disasters. The exercise is one of many regional Vigilant Guard exercises being held by the National Guard this year. The Puerto Rico National Guard finished its Vigilant Guard exercise in March and another round of exercises in Iowa ended in June. These Vigilant Guard exercises are part of a larger, national-level program called Ardent Sentry 2009. Ardent Sentry is conducted by NORTHCOM and NORAD and its major “venues” include not only the Vigilant Guard exercises, but an “AMALGAM DART exercise involving air defense activities at Camp Rilea, Oregon” and “a Nuclear Weapons Incident exercise (NUWAIX) with a U.S. Air Force response near Cheyenne, Wyoming.”

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