Five Point Masonic Hug For Sandy Hook Parent

Five Point Masonic Hug For Sandy Hook ParentRIGGEDREALITY.COM provides scoop on Masonic Hug given Sandy Hook victim parent Robert Parker by none other than President Obama! You may not heard of a five point Masonic Hug; however, it’s time to find out!  What does it mean? A Wheat & Tares blog entry, The Sacred Embrace as Five Points of Fellowship,” supplies fine description:

“Masonic ritual describes the Five Points of Fellowship as: 1.) inside of right foot by the side of right foot, 2.) knee to knee, 3.) breast to breast, 4.) hand to back, and 5.) mouth to ear…As explained by the Master of a Masonic lodge in the third degree ritual, the Five Points of Fellowship serve a double purpose in instructing in fraternal duties, as well as forming a mode of recognition. They are a method of explaining and emphasizing the need for brotherly love, co-operation and unity. The points may vary slightly among different Masonic lodges at different locations and time periods (for example: ‘cheek to cheek’ instead of ‘mouth to ear’), but they are all very similar.”

The question still remains: are Obama and Parker only expressing solidarity between Masonic Brothers or is there more to it?

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