the fix is in!

the fix is in!from winter patriot: Banana Republic North: In the past few days, John McCain has stopped campaigning in states which were once seen as toss-ups; Barack Obama has started campaigning in states which were once seen as safe for McCain; Obama has picked up a major endorsement and a huge funding increase; McCain’s campaign has been caught trying to pull off perhaps the most despicable political dirty trick since 9/11; McCain has been pandering to the ultra-rich; and — according to the latest polls — support for Obama has been imploding!

Obama’s lead over McCain has dropped from 12 points on Thursday to 10 points on Friday, 9 points on Saturday, and 5 points on Sunday

That’s a seven-point decrease in three days. How can that happen?

Consider this: It’s far easier to rig the polls than it is to rig the election.

How? The pollsters talk to a small and carefully selected group of people. They can get whatever result they want, just by tweaking the sample. And they do. All the time.

Consider this, too: the election could never be stolen unless there were polls indicating it would be close. Then all they need is a last-minute gaffe, or surprise, or al Qaeda videotape; and the pundits can claim this was the difference in a race that was otherwise too close to call.

Can’t happen here? Try again! It happened four years ago. It happened eight years ago. It has happened in countless congressional elections in the past decade, and you can already smell it happening again.

And so … Election Day approaches, with all the appeal of a multi-train collision.

The police are ready for action, and so is the army. Are you?

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  1. Bpaul Avatar

    I’m so very concerned about this, and even smart, politically active folks I know just don’t seem to be worried about it. Or they say “yeah — i could see that happening.” and then change the subject.



    I pray the real vote spread is large enough that Obama wins anyway. I honestly don’t think the election can be rigged at this point beyond too large a real point spread — they just don’t have the machines needed.

    We’ll see I guess.


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