Frank Olsen’s Family Claim CIA Threw Him From Hotel Window

Frank Olsen's Family Claim CIA Threw Him From Hotel WindowCIA sued over 1950s ‘murder’ of government scientist plied with LSD,” an article at The Guardian reports surviving sons Eric and Nils believe the CIA, “…covered up his [Frank Olsen’s] death after he witnessed torture by agency operatives in Europe. The family of a US government scientist who fell to his death from a New York hotel window six decades ago have launched a lawsuit for damages against the CIA, alleging the agency was involved in his murder and a subsequent cover-up.” It’s another LSD tragedy dispelled similar to Diane Linkletter’s 1969 death, replaced by a far more horrific reality. It wasn’t a drug that propelled Olsen and Linkletter to jump out windows to their deaths, but rather, culpable parties in their presence! An Unsolved Mysteries episode covers Frank Olsen case – below the fold!

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