history/mystery: mothman author, nixon aide, cia, lsd & tests

john keel, ‘mothman’ author, dead at 79*
john keel, 'mothman' author, dead at 79keel knew*
herb klein, nixon aide & journalist, dies*
allen klein, former beatles & stones manager dies*
was jimi hendrix murdered?*
video: remember when the cia was into lsd? ‘operation midnight climax’ does*
“if you go back to the cia’s origins … really nothing but wall st bankers”*
alex constantine on operation blackjack*
video: uk weapons inspector who was found dead was writing expose*
queen elizardbeast is the world’s largest landowner*
video: military experiments on civilians? –
poison rains on oakville, washington

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  1. realitysurfer Avatar

    Please take a moment to watch my LSD Documentary film I have posted in four parts at youtube.

    It features a new interveiw with Ram Dass. Paul Krassner of the YIPPIES, and features one of the preachers involved in Tim Leary's Miricle of Good friday Experiment. Plus the CIA's LSD Brothel is located in San Francisco…please share with other open minded folks

    here is link

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