‘Hitler and the Occult’

History class didn’t teach students about the occult background of Adolf Hitler.  National Geographic Channel fills gap with 45 minute doc,  Hitler and the Occult,” a nice survey of many occult figures to influence Hitler.   Dietrich Eckart is revealed as Hitler’s Mentor.   A most interesting story related about famous (and Jewish) soothsayer Erik Jan Hanussen, who instructed Hitler on powers of mandrake root.   Hanussen advised Hitler, there was a bond between Hanussen, the Mandrake root and Hitler.  It was also advised that everything would go fine for Hitler as long as the bond was not broken, if the bond were severed then everything would go up in flames in 12 years.  Hanussen was murdered during the Night of the Long Knives purge and everything did come to an end in about 12 years. 

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