internet splits in two

internet splits in twoThe Internet Splits in Two” by Dan Lyons sees the recent Net Neutrality Ruling by FCC leading to a bifurcation of fast internet for the rich and slow crappy internet for the poor and the amounts of information available. Lyons views the ruling as tantamount to having a Bloomberg terminal to do stock trading versus attempting to play day trader from a personal computer. The FCC ruling leaves wireless alone, but eventually, disparities will be even greater for the ascending platform. The writer likes Columbia professor Tim Wu’s book, “The Master Switch: The Rise & Fall of Information Empires“, who sees a progression in all past technologies such as telegraph, telephone, radio and movies. Lyons agrees we’re at the end of phase one a relatively free and innovative period. It remains to be seen what happens from here, but I’m pretty sure those of us who have been around for Phase One of the Internet are going to look back on these last 15 years as the good old days,” says Lyons.

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