interpol under US & israel influence

interpol under US & israel influencefrom press tv: A member of the Judiciary and Legal Commission of Iran’s parliament has denounced Interpol for succumbing to US and Israel pressures over the AMIA case.

Ezzatollah Yusefiyan said it is clear that imposing pressure on Interpol is against international rules and regulations, ISNA reported.

The lawmaker termed Interpol a disciplinary authority prosecuting international criminals which has gained a good reputation in the past.

“In the AMIA case, the judge was dismissed for taking a bribe from the Zionist regime, hence Interpol has lost all face in this case,” Yusefiyan added.

He said that the AMIA was not a case that fell under Interpol’s jurisdiction and the ruling it issued was politicall.

Interpol has recently added four Iranians to its most-wanted list for a 1994 bombing that killed 85 people at a Jewish center in Argentina.

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