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Interview w/David Wallechinsky of AllGov.comHe’s been called a ‘human encyclopedia‘ by Vice Magazine. He’s written a number of books on everything from Olympic history to the worst dictators in the world. David Wallechinsky is a globetrotting historian & he’s also the editor-in-chief of – and that’s why he’s here on the latest interview episode from Media Monarchy.

Our conversation touches on some of the important news of the day: bankster bailouts & where the money is really going, the Afghanisurge & the phony war on drugs, biometrics & the panopticon + the rival gangs known as the Democrats & the Republicans … how can we shine a brighter light on ‘everything our government really does‘? listen closely & you’ll learn why we say: don’t hate the media, become the media.

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    What game is this guy playing? He talks about Democracy, the founders created a Republic! He thinks Obama is not a socialist and has better transparency! He certainly comes off as part of the democrat gang or maybe the medium left, no fresh air here. Waste of time listening!

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