interview w/ clyde lewis on ardent sentry & operation blackjack

ardent sentry ’09: norad/northcom terror drills on june 18-24*

interview w/ clyde lewis on ardent sentry & operation blackjackour good friend clyde lewis joined us via telephone to break down the strange convergence of terror drills in oregon & the london telegraph’s ‘fictional’ scenario known as operation blackjack

from june 18-24, norad & northcom are running ‘ardent sentry 09’, a series of military exercises in iowa, kansas, wyoming & oregon with “simulated train derailments and foreign animal disease … an incident involving a simulated nuclear weapon.”

we’ve previously discussed ‘blackjack‘ on episode115 of media monarchy & guerrilla fearmongering on the ground zero lounge. however, what we didn’t know then was that the events depicted in the telegraph’s “slide show story” would coincide with these nationwide drills, as well as the summer solstice & sun symbology, barack hussein obama, the two-state settlement, the grand chessboard and just the growing sense of rising tensions in both outer space & inner space

speculation or mystery religion prophecy? fearmongering or predictive programming? is this armageddon or just an apocalypse of the soul? media monarchy & the ground zero lounge aren’t here to scare you but to try and prepare you.

update: blackjack weekend: solstice/sentry psyop reaches peak

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  1. reflux the chemist Avatar

    It was kind of crazy listening to your interview with Clyde, when he started mentioning that Israel will need to turn away from its current ally to find new ones, because literally two days ago I saw on Jerusalem post, an op-ed saying exactly this, that the U.S. is no longer dependable to assure Israeli security/domination, and Israel should be on a search for an ally in another major regional superpower. VERY interesting, thanks for this interview.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    June 22 is also the stary of the Month of Tammuz, in addition to being a New Moon. June 22nd, 2009 is also 3.5 years (42 months) away from December 22, 2012.

    Exactly one month later, July 22 marks a solar eclipse. This eclipse falls on the first day of Av, the next month in the Jewish Calender. On Av1, Jews mourn for three weeks, the destruction of their Temple. This year, the Jewish people celebrated the "Blessing of the Sun", and it's odd that the sun should go dark on the day they mourn the destruction of their temple. It is also worth noting, that this eclipse will be the longest in the next 123 years. It is one of three consecutive eclipses that fall on Av1, although the eclipses fall on different days in the Gregorian calendar.

    A lot could happen, or nothing at all. But there are some serious synchronicities to this June 22nd that can't be ignored.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    1,2,3, each raised to their respective powers, multiplied, equals 108, which is the exact ratio of the distance of the moon and sun from earth to their diameters (which is what allows a solar eclipse to occur, quite the cosmic coincidence).

    Interesting viral meme chase.

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    freaky coincidence ? in the early hours today there was a train derailment in illinois when ardent sentry are running their drills which includes train derailment scenarios.

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    it's 2011 for certain, if you view LambAndTheDragon's Youtube videos. He connects 1990 Bush Sr. NWO virgin phrase, 322, and all the dates. Blackjack is a 21 game, 1990+21= 2011

    Leave the targets of Operation Blackjack.

    I don't understand the new string at Part 5 slide 7 fully, how Mike Philbin decoded it…

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