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video update: broken trust: wall street’s dead end*

interview w/ richard grove of tragedyandhope.comthe latest interview episode from media monarchy is a very special conversation with whistleblower, researcher & freethinker: richard andrew grove of tragedy and hope dot com. in the summer of 2001, he was fired from his job on the 96th floor in tower one of the world trade center. it had to do with the ‘fiscal anomalies’ that richard witnessed & documented while swimming with sharks.

i first became aware of richard’s story when i heard to something called ‘project constellation‘ in the early summer of 2006. a sort-of 21st century message in a bottle, it was a transmission meant for people with some kind of influence in the world of media. the world wasn’t listening. undaunted, grove followed it up with an amazing podcast series called ‘9/11 synchronicity‘, which helped further expose the ‘global networks‘.

to say that richard’s work has been an inspiration to media monarchy would be an understatement. i think his journey, experience & research gives us something really special, however richard’s not just here to hear himself talk… and neither am i.

we’re both here to try & cut a critical line of thought directly through the maze, and leave you with all the tools you need to see 9/11 & our world for what it is… and when we see that, we’ll all be better prepared to take constructive action & elevate the game.

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  1. John Zito Avatar

    wow – the truth shall come out – thanks richard

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Hi James,
    thank you (and Richard of course)for this amazing interview, you improve your work week by week! you are in the same major league as for instance: .
    Please continue, you deserve a much bigger audience!
    Carl from Germany

  3. Anti Oligarch Avatar

    Please cut down on the media per page if you can. Loading times are too long.

  4. Michael Tew Avatar

    Richard Andrew Grove – a real American Hero. Thanks for this James – U Rok.

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    he failed to give you his recommended "10 Great Books Everyone
    Should Read", that he had promised to give at the end. I've listed some
    books referenced in the interview*, and added… a few.
    thanks also, for episode 140 – 9/11 Updates!
    yours in 322, 😉
    – grundoon
    < – – – – – – –

    € General Smedley Butler – War Is A Racket*

    € any book by Noam Chomsky, that is not interviews or Q & A*

    € any James Bamford (9/11 + NSA books) I should read.

    € James W. Douglass – JFK and the Unspeakable * I.S.R…
    lectures available at

    € Jello Biafra: Machine Gun in the Clown's Hand – Compact Disc © 1/2003
    (my touchstone). An un-academic but severe Chomsky crash course, in 3
    acts. What does not kill you, makes you stronger. Although the original
    9/11 Truther has left our ranks, Jello took me down the rabbit hole! The
    most important record I've ever heard.

    € George Orwell – Animal Farm

    € George Orwell -1 9 8 4 – worth a re-read, even just for "the book" by
    "Emmanuel Goldstein, within the book." The book within the book, is here!
    It's called the American Empire 1945 -> present, IMO. "War is a Racket /
    (almost) Nothing in Politics happens by Accident"

    € David Ray Griffin – 9/11 Omissions and Distortions*; Debunking 9/11
    Debunking*; five other such titles.

    € Gwyn Dyer – "War" (book); expansion of BBC series.

    € Burden Hersh – The Old Boys: The American Elite and the Origins of the
    CIA* "Intelligence agencies were created by Wall Street bankers such as
    Allen Dulles, John Foster Dulles and Wild Bill Donovan; and basically all
    come out of the treaty of Versailles."

    € Paul Johnson -Modern Times: A history of the World 1920 – 2000 (1998,
    Harper Collins, 4th Ed.) The Federal Reserve mistake, leading to the (1st)
    Great Depression 1929 ~ 1939, alone is worth the read. The idea, has
    become orthodoxy. I disagree with "apologist for the system" conclusions in
    2nd half of the book (1950-2000), but still recommend this!

    € Victor Marchetti – The CIA and the Cult of Secrecy

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    € Carroll Quigley – Tragedy and Hope – Richard Grove's "touchstone", is
    not the place to start, IMO. I have read 1/3 of the (free) internet
    version, lacking footnotes and index. (?) largely unsourced? If I had it
    in print, I would read all 1,315 pages.
    Exhaustive history of Western civilization. Intimidating, scholarly,
    boring, astonishing by turns. An interesting theory or three about
    Civilization(s), and Capitalism (The West's savior and destroyer?). Lots
    of Banksters, and intentionally (?) scattered focus on synopsis of Cecil
    Rhodes' ultra-wealthy secret society; documented precursor to R.I.I.A.,
    Round Table Group, and Council on Foreign Relations… Rhodes admired
    Weishaupt's "Illuminati" – "Rings within Rings within Rings" structure(s).
    It appears Quigley also wrote a few easier books.

    € Oliver Stone: J F K (movie, 1990)

    € Webster Tarpley – 9/11 Synthetic Terror – Made in USA.
    The critical "Angel is Next" Chapter 9, is available at:
    This explains what the rogue network, that Shrub capitulated to, wanted !

    € "Against Oligarchy" (1997) – I must read!

    € Webster Tarpley – Obama: the Post-Modern Coup; is said by some to be an
    overly virulent polemic, but raises the scholarly questions about
    "structural under-pinning" that the general public will probably accept as
    orthodoxy, years too late, as we have come to accept Noam Chomsky's work.

    € Webster Tarpley – Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography – is
    said to be far less vitriolic. "George H.W. Bush: The Unauthorized
    Biography" (1992) is free, at

    € Gore Vidal: "Dreaming War", "Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace",
    "The American Presidency"

    € H.G. Wells – The New World Order* The Open Conspiracy* Outline of
    History I & II

    € The 9/11 Commission Report – just to be fair about this. But if you've
    read "Bin Laden: The Man Who Declared War on America" by Youssef Boudanksy
    (© 2/2001), you can now read it summarized AGAIN, as it fills up one half,
    of this disingenuous misdirection. (Another 1/6th, is draconian policy

    € Howard Zinn – A People's History of the United States, 1492-2000

    € Gary Allen: None Dare Call It Conspiracy ©1977

    € Robert Anton Wilson: "Prometheus Rising", "The New Inquisition:
    Irrational Rationalism in the Citadel of Science".

    € YouTube – "The House of Rothchild, parts 1 – 12" * © 1934 – Their
    version of what they've accomplished.

    € YouTube – Loose Change (final cut) Jason Bermas epic about roads to and
    from 9/11.

    Jim Mars / Jim Garrison / Fletcher Prouty
    etc etc etc .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:.

    "All Roads Lead to 9/11 !"

    – – – – – – –
    "Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, there's
    just not enough light to read by!" – Groucho Marx

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    17.9 MB dial up version of amazing media monarchy interview with Richard Andrew Grove, of 9/11 Synchronicity.

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