‘Iron Sky’ CGI Scenes and Special Effects Rendering

Iron Sky‘ will soon be in the states. You may be a sci-fi special effects aficionado and the dark style of Fourth Reich Space Nazis on the attack may hold strong appeal. Its flavor is sort of Mad Max-meets-Star Wars and many want a taste. There are more scenes from the movie than in the trailers, plus how they appear before and after CGI. It’s quite good!

A second video provides a tour of the ‘rendering farm’ with Samuli Torssonen, the movie’s 33 year old special effects producer. Torssonen enumerates in passable English a full list of software: Autodesk Maya, Newtek Lightwave 3-D, Foundry Nuke and Adobe Creative Suite 5 for scene composition. There’s also a peek inside one of 40 Intel I-7 rigs with 16 GB Ram that performed around-the-clock rendering under control of time management program called Render Pal. It can’t help but interest even slightest geek!

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