is active region 1339 the big one?

is active region 1339 the big one? Is Active Region 1339 (AR1339) the “Big One”, the reason government and insiders are stressing emergency preparedness? NASA Warns Employees and Families to BE PREPARED,”comes to mind. Universe Today (UT) in article,Largest Sunspot in Years Now on the Sun, reports AR1339 came into direct view on November 3. The huge sunspot located in the upper left (picture) is a “Bad Boy” in opinion of Solar Dynamics Observatory mission. A solar flare from AR1339 …peaked at X1.9. X-class flares are massive, and can be major events that can trigger planet-wide radio blackouts and long-lasting radiation storms. This region is not facing Earth — yet. But we’ll be keeping on eye on it as it turns toward an Earth-facing direction,” according to the UT article. The real question is where the sunspot will be on November 8? Will AR1339 be facing Earth?

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