Jimmy Savile: ‘He Was The Tip Of The Iceberg’

A Telegraph story rekindles interest in abuse claims at Haut de la Garenne an English youth hostel on Jersey, a channel island.  Eileen Fairweather writes, “…investigation into Sir Jimmy Savile’s depraved activities has focused attention once more on claims of a possible pedophile ring and a ‘culture of cover-up’ on Jersey.” A prior post on Savile linked here “In the bleak days of March 2008, …Police were digging for possible human remains and other evidence
after almost 200 former residents of the home alleged abuse, including
torture and rape, by staff and visitors over many years, with claims that
some youngsters had ‘disappeared,'”
explains article.  The above picture shows boarded up area where forsenic excavation took place.

Now, flames are rekindled in pedophilic pyre in hopes of a renewed search for answers:

“Now two of those officers, Jersey’s former Chief Officer Graham Power and the former Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper, the senior officer in the Haut de la Garenne abuse inquiry, are backing victims’ calls for an outside force to investigate allegations that Sir Jimmy Savile and others, including some celebrities, regularly sexually abused children on Jersey. The shocking revelations of Savile’s depraved behaviour have, to the relief of
the Jersey abuse victims, refocused attention on Haut de la Garenne. In
their view, it confirms their claims that the home was at the heart of a
well-protected pedophile ring.”

The article dribbles on about how cases need to be viewed “en masse,” since they make more sense that way or some such hokum.  Power attests to scale of abuse with over 100 settlements and more pending, he also understands for a small place like Jersey, it seems clear, someone in authority must have known!   It’s just the tip of the iceberg as title of story states; worse, it’s all protected by those in authority!  

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