Jimmy Savile Not Only Pedophile But Necrophile Too!

Paul Gambaccini, a UK radio and television presenter, speaks his mind on subject of Jimmy Savile, “‘…
this is a man who conned an entire society.'”
  A Mail Online article adds new report on Savile:  “It also emerged earlier this month that Savile denied claims he was sexually attracted to corpses in an interview in 1990, after he admitted taking pleasure in taking the deceased to Stoke Mandeville Hospital mortuary. The hospital, where Savile worked as a volunteer and had his own room, said that it has never received claims that Savile ‘inappropriately
interacted’ with corpses. A spokesman said: ‘We are not launching an investigation into claims that Savile was aa necrophiliac. We have never received any complaints as to that nature.'”
  Authorities must concede, at least, a dead corpse is unlikely to report their abuse!  You’ve got to see humorous side to keep your spirits up! It’s sad stuff!  You can view prior post on Savile here.

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