Joining a Handful of Other Cities, Lincoln, Nebraska Bans Police #Drones

from In two sentences, Mayor Chris Beutler of Lincoln, Nebraska
has grounded any aspirations for unmanned aerial vehicles within his
police department.
As part of a comprehensive executive order on police
surveillance activities, Mayor Beutler curtly singled out drones as
clearly prohibited.
“Drones are not authorized under this policy or any other
Lincoln Police Department general order,” reads Executive Order 86746,
signed by Beutler on December 18 and effective as of January 1. MuckRock
obtained a copy of the executive order via public records request as part of its Drone Census project in partnership with Motherboard.

The order’s text goes on to define drones as any “unmanned
aerial vehicle controlled autonomously by a computer or by remote
control and equipped with a camera or lens in order to aid in
surveillance.” These two sentences are the only that address unmanned
vehicles. The ban can only be overturned by subsequent executive order.

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