jonbenet ramsey: mind control and ritual abuse among pedophile elite

jonbenet ramsey: mind control and ritual abuse among pedophile elite

It’s hard to believe JonBenet Ramsey lived only a little over six years! An essay at the Konformist asks rhetorically, whether it’s a tawdry tale or a significant event in the history of mankind? The writer may not be overstating its impact …JonBenét’s slaying really was: a butchering of innocence to start a new covenant. The present writer believes it’s far more important than the public realizes, but it’s nothing new–not even close. It’s just a covert continuation of “old ways” in plain sight of the rest of us.

It’s time to wake up that not all of us want the best for our children and would never harm them! There’s a segment that values control over all else and treat their children as their property. The children can even be dispensed with if they do not abide by commands. The Konformist essay reveals Patsy, a former West Virginia beauty queen, could act like a automaton, implying a mind control subject. In JonBenet Ramsey Murder: Satanic Ritual Sacifice, it’s purported….Patsy and sister Pam were certainly two of these [mind controlled sex ]’slaves’, servicing many politicians and high-ranking industrialists, in constant demand because of their beauty, reprogrammed several years after they each won their respective pageants to ‘forget the whole thing’, something their behavior later on in life clearly shows they did not“.

The Konformist article observes: JonBenét was particularly noticed for her ability to freeze all motion and hold a pose, an incredible feat considering she was only six years old. It’s far more than poor taste to sexualize a six year old’s behavior and enter them into beauty contests. The public needs to consider it’s possibly a meat market for degenerate predilections that cannot be denied, because it’s who they are at the basest level! It’s completely repulsive, and the rest of humanity, seems to turn away when confronted by it.

The present writer believed, at first, the murder represented the usual tawdry “child abuse” case with the father a likely suspect. The years have stripped away the initial relatively pedestrian presumption, and replaced by true evil, where a child becomes disposable and represents little more than a means of extending the controller’s power! There is always the possibility of getting it wrong, but over the years as more comes out, it’s a truly sad thought if it’s right!

The above essay and article contribute more information for the public’s consumption, who are not normally exposed to a particularly unsavory brand of family affairs. It may not even be satanic sacrifice, it could’ve been “an accident” in the company of a “family friend”? Don’t believe the sympathetic accounts however, as the truth is likely far more tragic and troubling to us all!

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