killing the fourth: bush blames your cellphone

killing the fourth: bush blames your cellphonefrom kurt nimmo: If we are to believe the scripted jabber of the unitary decider, killing the Fourth Amendment is modernization at work.

“In his weekly radio address on Saturday, President Bush urged Congress to ‘modernize’ the nation’s electronic surveillance laws,” reports CNS News. “Bush says the NSA wiretapping/surveillance program allows the U.S. to ‘quickly monitor terrorist communications between someone overseas and someone in America,’ and he says it has helped prevent attacks on U.S. soil.”

In other words, members of “al-Qaeda” are so imbecilic they routinely declaim their evil plans over the telephone, through email, and probably by way of carrier pigeon, if we are to believe Bush, that is to say his neocon coterie of Straussian fascists.

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