Kim Dotcom Planning To Invest In Privacy Startups

from We were just discussing how there’s a sudden renewed interest
among many entrepreneurs to build much more security and privacy
conscious apps. In that post, we noted that Kim Dotcom’s Mega is
working on encrypted chat and email, but it appears he wants to go much
further. He’s now announced that he’s starting a venture capital fund for privacy-focused startups as well. 

Of course, it will be interesting to see what the actual details are
and what comes out of it, but it’s yet another sign that the revelations
that have come out about widespread government surveillance many lead
to a much needed refocusing on how to build much more secure and private
systems in this digital era. It seems odd to think that, indirectly,
the US government’s highly questionable legal assault on Dotcom may
eventually lead to the funding of a variety of applications and services
that block out the US government’s prying eyes.

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