Large water reserve in Kenya discovered

from Recently it has been revealed that a large aquifer has been discovered
in Kenya. More than 300 metres underground, there is so much water there
it could potentially serve Kenya’s needs for 70 years.

The Lotikipi Basin Aquifer was found by project ran by UNESCO (United
Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and the
Kenyan government was funded by Japan. A number of survery techniques
including radar, satellite and geophysics were used in order to the find
water reserve which holds more than 9 times more than the current water
reserves of the country.

Here is a statement from Abou Amanni of UNESCO:

“I’m not saying this could solve all of the problems because from
finding water to providing water to the population is another step
because we need to have investment, we need to put in place
infrastructure and so on. But we have seen the system and the fact water
is there, and that is extremely important and it could be a game
changer within the country.”


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