Mars 2023: Inhabitants Wanted

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A non-profit endeavor to place a colony on the Red Planet, Mars One, has already received thousands of applications. Universe Today provides summary of process:

“Mars One says it has received applications from more than 78,000 people in more than 120 countries for the Mars One astronaut selection program, in hopes of becoming a Mars settler in 2023. Mars One will continue to receive online applications until August 31, 2013. From all the applicants in Round 1, regional reviewers will select around 50–100 candidates for Round 2 in each of the 300 geographic regions in the world that Mars One has identified.

After four rounds, ending in 2015; Mars One will employ 28–40 candidates, who will train for around 7 years. Finally an audience vote will elect one of groups in training to be the envoys of humanity to Mars.”

It’ll be interesting to see how Mars mission unfolds in the next few years!

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