massive anthrax updates: the case is far from closed

hair samples in anthrax case don’t match*
flashback: on 9/11 high govt official advises some reporters to take anthrax antibiotic cipro’*
dr ivins, anthrax & why I don’t believe the fbi*
project anthrax & the coverup: (part5): operation jefferson, roots of the plot, hauer, patrick, hatfill, ivins & human experimentation*
anthrax follies & the bizarro effect*
lawyers skeptical fbi could have convicted ivins*
flashback: bayer reduces price of anthrax antibiotic cipro for US govt only*
flashback: as anthrax fears mount, canada overrides bayer’s patent for cipro; US does not’*
“if i were a betting man, i’d wager that cheney was behind the anthrax attacks”*
sander hicks: ‘mad scientist’ ivins & other 9/11 legends*
anthrax suspect passed 2 polygraphs*
3 key questions still unanswered in anthrax case*
some question fbi’s anthrax case*
16 labs had the killer anthrax strain*
fbi will analyze ivins’ computers*
anthrax case raises doubt on security*
sorority fixation may be key clue*
anthrax plot started early, will drag on*
anthrax suspect’s lab: ‘rat’s nest’*
the fbi’s selective release of documents in the anthrax case*
ivins went nuts… but it was the fbi who drove him crazy*
anthrax letters are not in ivins’ handwriting*
widow of first anthrax victim says she believes fbi account*
flashback: ’strange coincidence’ briefly increases suspicions al-qaeda is behind anthrax attacks’*
project anthrax & the coverup: (part4): the el-hibri loop, hatfill & special forces, introduction to vaxgen, ivins redux & rumsfeld*

video: limited hangout olbermann & official story posner: anthrax case a ‘conspiracy nightmare’*
audio: fbi’s anthrax case not closed!*
the killer anthrax did not originate at fort detrick*
fbi anthrax case: paid witnesses?*
fbi told to blame anthrax scare on al-qaeda by white house officials*
anthrax attack was a classic false flag op targeting arabs*
burying the evidence on anthrax*
dr. bruce ivins, the perfect patsy*
the anthraX files*
ivins reportedly made edits to wikipedia*
col anderson refutes false allegations against ivins*
‘justice’ dept releases anthrax attack docs*
anthrax attacks & the assault on civil liberties*
suicided & slandered: scientist’s death comes with enough lies to disappear the scandal of the century*
officials say scientist was solely responsible for anthrax attacks*
US authorities say deceased scientist responsible for anthrax attacks*
flashback: gop senator alleges top officials deliberately leaked false leads to hide lack of progress in anthrax investigation*
flashback: bush suggests link between anthrax & al-qaeda’*
flashback: cheney suggests al-qaeda could be responsible for anthrax attacks*
tape excerpts of ivins restraining order request*
fbi harassment drove ivins to ‘suicide’*
the dead anthrax patsy’s shady therapist*
white house memo exposes rove knew of problems with anthrax vaccine*
anthrax victim’s widow speaks out*
ivins/anthrax scandal explained by wayne madsen*
anthrax suspect would have gotten vaccine royalties*
anthrax scientist bruce ivins stood to benefit from a panic*
videos: down the anthrax rabbit hole*
now we know: the anthrax attacks were an inside job*
anthrax suspect commits suicide in US*
evil of anthrax came silently in ordinary letter to tom brokaw*
suicide riddle of US scientist linked to 2001 anthrax attacks*
associated press helps gov’t to brush anthrax attacks under the carpet*
doctor: anthrax suspect was ‘homicidal’*
anthrax suspect was committed to a psychiatric hospital shortly before his death*
ivins & the fbi’s ‘court document’: psyop blaming iraq for anthrax attacks*
army declines comment on anthrax researcher*
anthrax mystery deepens*
report: therapist feared scientist poisoned people*
project anthrax & the coverup: saic, hatfill & bio-economic state terrorism (part 1 2 3)*
scientists question fbi probe on anthrax*
piling on bruce ivins*
the hidden anthrax letters suspect*
daschle criticizes anthrax investigation, saying fbi should provide more information*
daschle has doubts about anthrax probe*
white house attempted to pin anthrax attacks on al-qaeda*
schechter: death of a scientist & the bio-war mystery*
ivins’ mental health and his link to ‘bio-port’*
anthrax evidence is called circumstantial*
sealed docs outline anthrax details*
fbi probes attacks on scientists*
dna exposed anthrax suspect*
feds sued over anthrax documents*
officials: sorority obsession seen in anthrax case*
anthrax linked to princeton sorority*
questions raised over whether gov’t is framing dead army scientist for anthrax attacks*
‘suicide’ of anthrax scientist–another mossad frame up?*
former fbi official: after 9/11, white house told fbi to blame anthrax attacks on al-qaeda*
3 vital questions for abc news about its anthrax reporting in 2001*
researcher kept security clearance as fbi closed in*
officials: sorority obsession seen in anthrax case*
sorority fixation may be key clue*
anthrax linked to princeton sorority*
anthrax dryer a key to probe*
is another bruce ivins lurking in a biolab?*
fbi told to blame anthrax scare on al-qaeda by white house officials*
how solid is the anthrax evidence?*
govt’s purported ‘anthrax killer’ was a registered democrat*
pressure grows for fbi’s anthrax evidence*
video: anthrax suspect’s colleague blames fbi for suicide*

related: ‘justice’ department falsely claims anthrax case is closed & the supposed lone anthrax gunman supposedly suicided

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