media monarchy episode096b

media monarchy episode096bepisode096b is an exclusive homemade recording of media monarchy w/ aldous huxley, portland cop cameras, chemical warfare, opium, mlk, jfk, churchill & nazis, haider, ddot updates, edwin black’s plan & otb, music by jon brion & richard ashcroft and tons more…


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  1. hunchentoot Avatar

    you mentioned “twice the opium the world needs” being produced by Afghanistan, but you drew no conclusions. Yet the subject of the beginning of MM 96_B is Mind Control…
    Can it be that “some node of the oligarchy” wants the price of heroin to plummet, in anticipatation of a time when people will turn to it, en masse, as they can’t afford, or acquire, much of anything else?

    “may you blessed with boring times” – Arab proverb

    96-B and 97 were two more excellent shows. Thanks!!

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