media monarchy episode104

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now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this 104th episode of media monarchy w/ apocalyptic clips, bankbombs & the shoe heard round the world + the oncoming obamessiah, the continuing econocrash, the growing civil unrest & the ever-expanding police state, music by eef barzelay and tons more…


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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Hi James,

    cheers from old Europe, now check that:

    "It takes something as simple as closing the borders. Zimbabwe is a land-locked country. The closure of the border, literally in a week would bring this country to its knees"…on the other hand…"You would damage people and it would probably not damage the regime"…"Even if the economy completely collapsed, something the diplomat said could happen in the next three months, Mugabe and his close aides would still be able to survive on income from gold and diamond mines, as well as keeping somewhere between 8 and 10,000 men in military uniform close at hand."

    Divide et Impera, the old roman tactic of Preator Aulus Gabinius dividing Judaea in 5 segments 2100 years ago in order to have better control now applied once again – Sudan-Style – Gaza-style – Berlin-Style – Sadr-City-Style [Pakistan-style coming soon]. Talking about Sadr-City, the NYTimes called the hermetic sealing of the city "trying to stem the infiltration of militia fighters"…GlobalResearch called it "in Washington's unique interpretation of 'liberation', it is being walled in, so residents have no escape – and the trapped bombed…under the dictatorship of the 'butcher of Baghdad', 'tyrant', 'despot', there was not a wall in sight in Baghdad's great sun kissed expanses, glittering both sides of the Tigris – or indeed across Iraq. Under the psychologically challenged administrators of freedom and democracy's bounteous rule, Israeli style (and built?) walls imprison streets, neighborhoods, villages, towns, cities…" Finally General Norman Schwartzkopf called it: Turkey shoot. How accurate…

    Ok, and now the bomb: Adolf Hitler called it "Each change must never affect the content of propaganda, rather must always draw the same conclusions." We know where it led us to…yes we can…YES WE CAN!!!! You remember that inauguration-speech…brave new world. No: brave old world – not only here in Europe.

    Cheers Alex

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